Stronger than a Bullet

Stronger than a Bullet

Counter-Memories. Towards an Archeology of Memoryscapes in Iranian Cinema

Am Do, 6. Dezember 2018 um 18:00

Eröffnungsfilm der Internationalen Konferenz 'Counter-Memories. Memoryscapes in Iranian Cinema'

Anschliessendes Gespräch mit der Regisseurin Maryam Ebrahimi. Moderation von Ute Holl

Words of Welcome von Ute Holl und Matthias Wittmann

Stronger than a Bullet: Poster
Maryam Ebrahimi

Sprache: OV/e   Dauer: 75'
Devoted to the Iranian Revolution, Saeid Sadeghi documented the Iran-Iraq war (1980-1988) from the eye of the event. His dream was to be a martyr. Many of his photos were misused to create war propaganda for martyrdom. Today he views himself as being responsible for sending thousands of boys to their graves