Los silencios: Hero

Los silencios

Von Beatriz Seigner

Los silencios: Poster
Alterskategorie: 16 (16)
Dauer: 88'
Regie: Beatriz Seigner
Schauspieler: Doña Albina, Yerson Castellanos, Enrique Diaz, Astrid Fernanda López MartÍnez, Alida Pandurro, Leidy Prieto Echeverry
Jahr: 2018   Land: Brazil / France / Colombia
Suisa-Nr: 1012799   Verleih: Trigon Film
Nuria, 12, Fabio, 9, and their mother Amparo arrive in a small island in the middle of Amazonia, at the border of Brazil, Colombia and Peru. They ran away from the Colombian armed conflict in which their father disappeared. One day, he reappears in their new house. The family is haunted by this strange secret and discovers the island is peopled with ghosts.
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